3D printing imagination

We want to grow the scale RC community.  Many people enjoy the radio controlled hobbies and also share a joy for scale modeling.  The more details on your scale rig, the better.

There are no limits to imagination.  There are many great ideas.  The people with these fantastic imaginations want to be able to manifest their ideas into reality.

In this radio controlled community we are provided with what the industry decides we need.  This isn’t a result of asking us what we want but more of a function of a “build it and they will come” school of thought.  For many years now there has been a grassroots movement for changing this paradigm.  It has been aptly named the “Maker” movement.

Books have been written about it.  Maker spaces have popped up in various cities and towns.  One of the parts of this Make movement is 3D printing.  We already had 3D modeling, but now we can make those models a reality.

A natural first question might be what do I print?  One answer is we print what we don’t currently have but want.  Because of the printing size limitations, scale parts is a natural fit.

Where we used to have to settle for whatever the industry tossed our way, we now can design and print whatever we want!  Mass production be damned!

Now the pursuit is better resolution.  More detailed designs.  Larger and more exotic items.  A single obscure light bucket from a 1932 ford can be printed specifically for your project.

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Christopher lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden where he enjoys his passion for radio controlled vehicles. He spends his spare time working on various projects involving scale RC trucks and 3D modeling.

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