printable-rc-logoPrintable RC was an idea inspired from a combination interests in Scale Hobbies and technology.  One of the things facing scale hobbyists is how to create the most scale features and details for their models that they can. In the past, a high level of scale detail was only achieved by the most skilled modelers.  This left everyone else to depend on the model industry to provide them with the detailed, scale models they were seeking.  Although this is a great source for people with little to no skills, it still doesn’t solve a central problem.

The modeler was only able to work with the contents of a model kit.  Even worse, they might be forced to mix and match from multiple model kits to achieve the desired results.  Today we have some alternatives.  Now people can model their own scale details in a 3D modeling program.  They can get exactly what they want and in any scale they want.  With the advent of 3D printers people can turn those 3D virtual models into real-world objects.

Many people enjoy modeling hobbies and I am one of them.  I really enjoy Radio Controlled scale modeling.  This presents an interesting challenge because the scale of the RC models is usually larger than the normal model scale from modeling companies.  Using various software programs and a printing service called Shapeways, we are able to create items for the scale RC hobby.  Many people have acquired our models and use them in their builds.

We invite you to take a minute and browse through this site to get a feel for what we are working on.  Do you have an idea you would like to explore?  Let’s start a conversation! →