Hilux / Mojave Dashboard Improvements

The journey with this dashboard model has been a challenging and rewarding one to say the least.  I have found more time to focus on the dashboard model for more improvements.  When I take small breaks from working on the model I am able to clear my head and think of different ways to create the shapes I desire within the software.  There are a host of plugins for Sketchup that have been created by the community which make working in the program much easier.  I have been enjoying working with Sketchup 2013 and it fills the requirements quite nicely.

You can see some improvements I have made to the model and I will be ordering a test print soon so I can get a perspective on how it will eventually end up in printed form.  I have not been happy with the instrument hood but I was putting that off until later in the design.  I started working with it recently and I think it is a big improvement over my previous version.  I also added the lower vents under the dashboard.  I want to see how they will look when printed.

You might wonder why I don’t have the steering wheel attached to the column and or why I might leave it floating in space.  In terms of the model file, that is used by Shapeways, the dashboard and the steering wheel are considered two models which get printed.  They will just include them together in the bag when it is sent to me.  There is no need to attach them and they are large enough to not get lost in the extraction process. – Chris

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Christopher lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden where he enjoys his passion for radio controlled vehicles. He spends his spare time working on various projects involving scale RC trucks and 3D modeling.

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