Land Rover Defender Dashboard part 2

This is a dashboard that we have been thinking about doing for a while now but haven’t had the time.  Now that we actually do have the time and the parts for the project we couldn’t be more excited.  Let’s dive in!  With the skeleton created we could start working with a solid frame to create the actual dashboard.  I have found that one of the important starting points for 3D printing is to establish correct sizing and boundaries.  This allows you to change anything inside those boundaries and still have the model fit the intended area.


The back side boundaries, bottom of the dashboard and the mounting tabs are critcal areas to get correct measurements of.  Using the skeleton I made a solid version and created the mounting tabs.  The overall width of the dashboard is 155mm.  The new dashboard will have a slightly larger center than either side, in width.  It will also be raised above both sides.  The sides have an interesting shape so I will have to slowly modify them to be where we eventually want to be.

The center portion of the dashboard sticks out further than the sides and tapers back towards each side.  I started with some square shapes to get a feel for how this might look in a raw form.

With the sides I wanted to cut back on the front portion that sticks out to try to bring it in closer to where we need to be with the new design.

It is a good start but I can tell I have a lot of work ahead of me as this current model is nothing like the end result will be.  I feel this is a welcome challenge and will turn out great.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, as there is still much to be done.  You may not be able to tell from the images but this model has been broken into three workable pieces.  The tabs are components so I can make any changes to one and it will affect the other.  For the sides, I created one of them first, duplicated it, then flipped it horizontally to make it identical.  I think the center section will be the easiest to start with so I will begin there and build out the sides when I get that to a good point.

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Christopher lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden where he enjoys his passion for radio controlled vehicles. He spends his spare time working on various projects involving scale RC trucks and 3D modeling.

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