Land Rover Defender Dashboard part 6

We need to add an outside section to the outside edge of right side of the dashboard.  This means that we need to stay within our overall boundry width for this model.  Due to this fact we have to shrink the width of the right section to account for the increase in the outside section.  Although we could use the resizing tool it would cause some issues for us.  Using the resize tool won’t just make the group more narrow but will also distort our widths that we established for thickness.  I created a line in the center and basically cut the piece in half.  I added a basic box to the outside edge of the dashboard and then made the right section fit between the center and outside edge.

The pictures we are using clearly show rounded edges for the various sections of the dashboard.  We can rely on the polishing process after the model is printed, and hope it is enough, or we can add that edge roundness into the model ourselves.  I used a rounding tool to make short work of it and it came out great.  I also added the large screw detail to the top, corners of the dashboard.

We have the box end-cap which needs to match the right side shape more and work towards resembling the images.  I created another outside profile and pushed away the excess shapes.  I then closed up the outside part of the end-cap to resemble the end of the dashboard.  I pushed that over to close the gaps in the front.  In the rear I added a 1.2mm thickness to the outside edge and then matched it to the right side dashboard to make it connect better.

Looking at the pictures I could see that the outside section tapered in slightly from the rear towards the front.  Presumably to allow space for the door panels.  I added that feature in and rounded the edges.  I also added the speaker to the top of the outside section.  One of the things I am doing with this model is removing non-essential material as I go, which optimizes the model for printing.  This will reduce the overall cost of the print.  You can see that I have removed more material from the back outside piece.

This model is getting closer to a real dashboard.  An interesting thing I have observed is that the right and left sections have their outer sides filled but the center section and outside sections do not.  This allows for the more rounded effect I wanted on the edges of the dashboard.  Next up is more work on the center section with the top vents, center relief and lower section.  We also want to make it connect to the sides on the lower portion.  Eventually we will be rounding as many edges as we can.

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