Land Rover Defender Dashboard

Many people have created some very lovely RC Land Rover Defender trucks.  RC4WD even came out with their Gelande II Truck Kit w/Defender D90 Body Set.  This body kit happens to come with a full interior.

RCBitz has some great example picks which you can see here:

There are two things to notice right away.  The dashboard is from an older model and or style of a Land Rover Defender.  Another thing to note is that it is a right-hand-drive type of setup.  Being a vehicle from the U.K. this is a logical thing to have.  But what if you don’t live in the U.K.?  Would you want a left-hand-drive version?

One more thing is, it is lacking surface details.  Something that is quite common among injection molded plastic.  I don’t consider it a drawback as it can leave a kind of blank canvas appeal to some modellers.

A friend of mine loved the work we did with our Hilux Mojave Dashboard.  He has a project he is working on where he wants a more up-to-date dashboard styling and would like more detail.  One of the other requirements is that it be a left-hand-drive setup.  All of this seems achievable so we set to making it happen.  One more future goal of this dashboard model is that it will be an interchangeable piece where the customer can choose to either have a left OR right hand drive setup.  First things first, though.

Where do we begin?  We need pictures of the desired dashboard, a body set to take measurements from and then build a general skeleton of the current dashboard so that we can establish boundaries to work within.

This is the general dashboard we are going to recreate for the customer.


Here are a couple of lovely pics of a setup interior to use a model reference.

Now we create a skeleton in Sketchup to get our outside dimensions.

dash_frameUploading this skeleton model to Shapeways gives us a general idea of where we are starting with in pricing.  In the next post we will be working with more solid models and trying to break up this dashboard into workable pieces.

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