NATO Jerry Can Holders

Double Jerry Can Holder

One of the next steps for the NATO Jerry Can models was to create a holder for them.  These holders would be something that are used in the real world to mount to vehicles so they can carry the Jerry Cans on a vehicle.  They come in all kinds of flavors and brands so I just picked a couple that I liked and started making them.  The first model I started with was the double Jerry Can holder where they lay down next to each other.  These are usually mounted on top of a vehicle in a rack or some other carrier.

The holder worked out quite well in design.  I wanted to incorporate a hinge-like connection on the rear portion.  The print comes as two separate pieces which I hope to be able to snap together.  The front portion can be held together with a twisted wire or some kind of clip to keep it closed.  On the base plate there are two screw holes for M3, recessed screws.  I also added various slots for plastic ties or other kinds of fastening devices so that it can be attached to a rack or another part of a scale vehicle.

Single Jerry Can Holder

The single Jerry Can holder was a simpler design and is a single piece.  I wanted to be able to have it mount to a vehicle with two M3, recessed screws or plastic ties.  There are two slots on the top where a strap can be placed across the Jerry Can to hold it in.  There are scale straps on the market that would go together with this quite nicely.


The first test prints are in production so I will be able to see how it all worked out soon.

– Chris

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Christopher lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden where he enjoys his passion for radio controlled vehicles. He spends his spare time working on various projects involving scale RC trucks and 3D modeling.

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