RC4WD Trail Finder 2 motor and transfer case mount first print

My first print of the motor mount has arrived.  I did not create the transfer case mount yet as I wanted to make sure the motor mount system was correct before going forward with another part.  At first glance I love how it looks.

The real test will be to see how it mounts into the chassis.  Were my measurements close?  Does the gear reduction unit fit?  Do the screw holes line up correctly?  Is the sweep path unobstructed and smooth?  I am using M3 screws for the mounting so I used an M3 tap to thread the plastic.  Let’s take a look at how it came out.

The side mounts were absolutely, 100% accurate.  Their diagonal line matched the chassis perfectly.  I admit that I expected to see a slight difference as the measurements couldn’t have been as accurate as I had wanted.  I did take great care to measure at all angles and attempt to verify with mathematical differences from other parts of the chassis.  It seems to have worked out nicely.

With the sides are mounted to the chassis we can see how the tolerance works with the actual motor mount.

The mount worked great.  The holes all line up and match their real-world components.  I made an extra effort to create an adjustable mount.  I don’t like how it turned out in terms of the height.  I am going to make some adjustments to the side mounts and motor mounting plate to add more height and adjustability in another fashion.

I will also be adding in the transfer case mounting plate in the next model and print.

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