RC4WD Trail Finder 2 motor and transfer case mount

I have an RC4WD Trail Finder 2 kit.  I have been continually irked by little things with the kit.  Among them are slop in the two speed transmission, how low the transfer case hangs down under the chassis, and the three-link setup on the front which was needed because of the two speed transmission hanging too low over the front axle.

I had noticed that the RC Modelex chassis have a mount that allows a person to mount a motor or a gear reduction unit to the chassis.  There are no mounts that exist that will bolt up to the TF2 chassis.  There are also no mounts that will reposition the transfer case to sit higher to help reduce the likelihood of a high-center situation when out on the trail.

2014 MEX Hilux TRUGGY EX Yellow
RC Modelex 2014 MEX Hilux TRUGGY EX Yellow

I felt this created a brilliant opportunity to create both of them for myself and then offer it to anyone else that might be interested.  I started taking measurements on the chassis and work with some hand-drawn ideas.  Here is the sketch I came up with.


With the drawing completed I started working up some designs in Sketchup.  I created a standard 540 sized motor so I would have an idea of screw placements and sizes.  I also worked up a general plate to mount the motor to before working with the sides and how it would all go together.

In the model I extended surfaces as pegs to represent the screws that will be in the real model.  This allowed me to rotate pieces and observe the interferences that might arise in an actual print.  It also allowed me to make the appropriate sized holes in the correct locations.

To make a more symmetrical model I worked primarily with one side and then duplicated it, and flipped the duplicate to put them back together as single model.  In some of the 3D images you should be able to notice the guidelines I created based off of my measurements and hand-drawn sketch.

I exported the model from Sketchup and into Netfabb Basic for the final STL file that I uploaded to Shapeways.  I ordered a test print so we can take a look at the when it arrives and see how close I was with my measurments.

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