Tamiya CC01 Gears


I have an upcoming project where I will be using a Tamiya CC01 chassis as the base chassis.  I have chosen to use a brushless motor for the chassis and want to have strong gears.  The intention is to use this as a scale crawler or trail truck and that means the gears will experience a lot of torque when trying to climb over obstacles.  There are metal gears on the market for this kit but the odd part is that all of the gears are not available in metal.  I assume that the gears that are left in plastic seem to not break under stress.

It doesn’t make much sense to me to introduce a hybrid of metal and plastic in the drive train.  I have melted, stripped and otherwise destroyed plastic spur gears with metal pinion gears many times.  I saw this as an excellent opportunity to explore making gears in Sketchup 2013.  Lucky for me there is a plugin already for making gears and the rest is up to me.  I have a CC01 kit on order already so when it arrives I can take the measurements on the gears.  You can read a little more about the gear plugin with this tutorial

Taking  a general inventory of which gears are available in metal already and the ones I need to produce it should be an easy project to complete and I believe cost effective as well.

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