Trail Finder 2 chassis modeling

As anyone that has read this blog knows, I have an RC4WD Trail Finder 2 kit.  I have enjoyed a roller coaster ride of frustration and satisfaction with this truck.  My latest adventures have led me to desire an exo cage for the truck to protect the body.  RC4WD has a cab only exo cage and also a complete truck body exo cage.  They aren’t particularly expensive but I don’t exactly like the way they look.

On a website forum called pirate 4×4 there are many examples of cage work that people have done on real 1:1 trucks that look fantastic.  I figured I can safely take some of my inspiration from their work and apply it to my truck.

In thinking about this project, to build an exo cage for my truck, I realized that it would be best to mount the cage to the chassis and not to the body.  In order to do this I will need to know where I actually have mounting points on the chassis.  I also need to know the body size and curves that I am working around.  Quickly I felt that in order for me to create an exo cage or truggy rear end effectively I would need to properly model the chassis.  Doing this will also lead to other accessories that can be created and mounted to the chassis.

With all of this crazy thinking I am officially announcing an open source project to create the entire Trail Finder 2 chassis in Sketchup 2015 which will be downloadable by anyone.  I will also upload it to the 3D warehouse and thingaverse.  When I say model the chassis, I mean model every piece.  I will even have generic screws modeled to use throughout the finished chassis so that a person can disassemble it as they see fit.

I also have plans to model the transmission, transfer case, axles, etc.  I won’t necessarily be modeling it for 3D printing but I am using the same principles overall so it will be a closed and clean model.  I have actually already modeled the transfer case which I used when making my other motor and transfer case mounts.

trail-finder-2-transfer-case-01Download trail finder 2 transfer case models on Github.

And here at the Sketchup 3D Warehouse →

I will start posting up the chassis bits as I get them done.

If this project interests you then share you enthusiasm below with us.

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