Trail Finder 2 chassis modeling 2

The modeling of this Trail Finder 2 chassis has been a challenge.  Not all of the screw holes line up with each other and I have had to be creative with determining their locations on the chassis rails.  This becomes evident when you make cross members that don’t seem to line up properly with the chassis rails.  I have made considerable progress with modeling this chassis.

I was giving some thought to how to distribute this chassis and present it.  In software there is something called versioning.  Among the various versioning tools is one called Git.  Git allows a programmer to record their progress and move forwards and backwards through their changes.  This is a well known and used versioning tool.

What is not as well known is that Git will version all types of files, not just code files.  This means pictures, videos, 3D files, etc.  There is a website dedicated to Git and lets people share their repositories with anyone out there.  Because of Git’s abilities and the website to go with it I have chosen Git to version the CAD files for the chassis model.

This is the official announcement of the Github repository for the Trail Finder 2 modeling.  The pieces of the chassis are broken up into folders and individual files.  The master chassis with all parts together is in the root of this repository.  This way updates can be made to individual components more easily.

Another great resource for Sketchup is the 3D warehouse.  I have also placed the Skectchup files there to be available for anyone that wants to use them.  Sketchup 3D Warehouse →

Finally I have changed the Finished Models page to better reflect what is available and group the models with their pieces for easier selection.  This will continue to expand as I add more models.

Continue reading about this project at Trail Finder 2 chassis modeling part 3 →

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