Valp Laplander break up

As stated before, in the last post, this truck body is too big to print as one piece.  Using the printing area box I was able to break the truck into four pieces.  Because I was modeling only half anyway it made it even easier to do this.  I modeled the doors as individual pieces as well.  I decided to break the model at places where the body would change shape or direction keeping the pieces as flat as possible.

Breaking up the model into various pieces and attempting to be as clever as possible was a little bit challenging.  I didn’t want to lose any detail and or some of the curves

With most of the larger parts figured out, and thickness added all around, it was time to add the finishing touches.  This consists of all of the little details that appear in the sheet metal of the real truck.  Side ribbing, the front vent, head lights, door handles, etc.

After details were all laid in I could really break the body up and lay it flat to see what I was dealing with.  I grouped the parts inside the printing area and then exported them to their respective STL files.  I also grouped the parts into a more spacial printing box area to test out different printing processes.

This project has been moving along quickly and smoothly.  Submitting the files to be printed is next and then planning out the molding process after that.

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