Volvo Laplander materializes

“Something Wicked This Way Comes.”  Unlike the title to the 1962 dark fantasy novel by Ray Bradbury, Tedd and I feel positive excitement and growing energy surrounding this project.  From it’s initial “what if” concept to shaping 3D primitives into something resembling a Volvo Laplander, this project has taken actual, physical shape.  During this part of the development process we decided to try another type of printer and material.

We looked for a company to print this locally so we could have a more hands-on approach with the first prototype. Micke and Fredrik at Top Notch Design AB in Stockholm were who we selected to help us with the first print.  The pieces that I separated were printed with a Stratasys Objet24 3D printer.  This is my first real experience with a non-SLS type of 3D printer so I was curious to see the results.  Let’s take a look at how the Volvo Laplander came to life.

The printouts are very inspirational to Tedd and myself.  It is a great feeling to develop a process and set it in motion.  As the modeler and get the chance to see how effective my efforts are in designing how the model was broken up and how it goes back together.  I don’t consider myself perfect but I am a perfectionist.  Each iteration of this project is another opportunity to learn, grow and improve.

We already have people contacting us and wanting to know when this truck will be available for purchase.  To anyone wondering the same thing, we are one step closer and continue to focus our efforts on production.

Where does all of this effort take us?  The continuation of this adventure will be happening over at Mad Moose RC  There we will take it further into something that is more available to the masses.  Look to their FB page for more info and announcements after the 2015 holidays.

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Christopher lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden where he enjoys his passion for radio controlled vehicles. He spends his spare time working on various projects involving scale RC trucks and 3D modeling.

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